Pets seen around Community

We have all kinds of creatures in our community. Some see animals as a nuisance while others find them a beautiful compliment to our country life style. Many enjoy having a pet while others wonder why? People have pets for reasons beside the obvious like they love a certain type of animal.  Pets offer companionship to the lonely; they offer structure to a life because of their routine, they relieve stress, give people exercise, get us out, make friends, for some offer protection and others fulfill a need to care for something. Whatever the reason, they are a beautiful part of creation and since we have so many beautiful creatures in Foxwood; here is a way to show off your prize possession.



Meet Duke (Bichon ) and Freckles(hound mix). Furry children of George and Katie Briceno. You can see them being walked around the community daily by their mommy.


Hi Everyone,  it’s Mike and Andi Cuomo at #282. . Meet our dog Rocket. He’s a male terrier mix, part Brussells Griffon, about 6-7 years old. We’re not exactly sure, because we adopted him around Christmas, 2012 and at the time we were told he was about 2-3 yrs old.
He’s the perfect dog: He loves people and kids; he’s well behaved, playful and just independent enough that he’s not needy. So if you see us out walking feel free to come up and meet our little Rocket. He loves the attention.


IMG_0874 IMG_0775The ever beautiful Katie, a Tri Color Collie and the daughter of Angela and Carlo Pecoraro. Here Katie poses with their 2 beautiful grandchildren.


FullSizeRender FullSizeRender[1]These 2 cuties are the "Invisible" Cats. Tiger and Lily do live with Ellen and Paul Spina but most in the community never see them because they are very very shy.The many cat sitters will testify. They are good cats anyway.


FullSizeRender - Copy Here we have Patrick; an Irish born Tuxedo Cat who brings much joy to Eileen & Mike Moylan. Patrick is a sought of Houdini Cat who manages to hide anywhere he wants.


IMG_1313Meet Quigley, West highland Terrier and the son of Kate and Denis Joyce. Quigley is a mellow little fellow who knows exactly where his bread is buttered.


RosieThis lovely Lady is Rosie. She is the daughter of Flo and Joe Chase.


Suzie This beautiful lady is Suzie. You'll often see her walking around the community in the early mornings with her dad, Bill Ingrassia.
20151002_211257725_iOS 20151010_211549431_iOS These beautiful creatures are seen almost every day around Foxwood. While in reality they are no one's pet, I like to consider them our community pets as they reside within our boundaries and to some we consider them like family. Though some may consider them a nuisance, to those who appreciate what they represent; they are a beautiful reminder of  how rural Long Island once was; a touch of the past where we are still not urban but still reside in the country and enjoy the wonders of Gods creation.