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“May is Health Awareness Month”

Next HOA MEETING IS May 22,2018 at 7PM

REMINDER: The 2018 Dues are now Due: Please contact Joe Graham in House #215 or bring payment to the next HOA Meeting. Dues are still $10 per household member.
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Things to Ponder
The willingness of America’s veterans to sacrifice for our country has earned them our lasting gratitude.      Jeff Miller
Patriotism consists not in waving the flag, but in striving that our country shall be righteous as well as strong.   James Bryce



NEW 5/20/18: Pictures from the Race 2 Remember in Riverhead with our Foxwood Participants and Medal winners can be found in: EVENT PICTURES
NEW 5/20/18:The 2018 Bocce Roster and Schedule can be viewed in: COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES
NEW 5/19/18: WARNING–If your planning on using the GYM; it is open but it still is infested with Flies. They do have elegant “Tacky” paper catching them. It’s a new exterminating method. So if you hear buzzing in your ears; don’t rush to the doctor. It may just be the flies.
NEW 5/19/19: Pictures from the Royal Wedding party held by Maryann Soika can be found in: Event Pictures.
 NEW 5/18/18: Pictures from the Night at the Races can be found in: EVENT PICTURES
NEW 5/18/18: JUST A REMINDER:Information on this years Community Yard Sale can be found in: COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES
NEW 5/17/18: Information on the Ladies Tea can be found in: COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES
 NEW 5/16/18: Interested in losing weight, staying healthy or sharing thoughts on healthy living. Come and join a new club here at Foxwoods called LIV-ET. For more information go to: HEALTH
NEW 5/16/18: UPDATED:Pictures from the Trip to Pigeon Forge can be found in: EVENT PICTURES
NEW 5/9/18: Information on a new scam can be found in: ALERTS / scams
NEW 4/28/18: Artie VanRiper will be running his annual Trip to Atlantic City. Information can be found in: COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES/ trips
NEW 4/28/18: Minutes from the 4/24/18 HOA Meeting are published and can be found in: COMMUNITY INFORMATION/ minutes
NEW 4/14/18: Important information on how to protect yourself from scammers can be found in: ALERTS/ should take note
NEW 4/6/18: There is an app for your phone courtesy of Tuthill Mangano funeral home to help you in case of emergency. To read the information and how to get the app go to: ALERTS/ should take notes
NEW 4/5/18: Horseshoes are on every Saturday at 10 am weather permitting
NEW 4/5/18: Important information regarding the increased monthly fee for your land lease can be found in: ALERTS/ should take note
NEW 4/3/18: The Recreation Committee has announced that The Christmas Dinner Dance is booked for Tuesday, December 11, 2018 at Giorgio’s.  More information will be available later.
NEW 4/2/18: There is some new advice for healthy living. It can be found in: HEALTH
NEW 4/1/18: The April-May issue of the Foxtales is posted in : FOXTALES ISSUES
3/27/18: Information on the start of the 2018 Golf Season can be found in: COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES
NEW 3/13/18: There is some advice that may be important for you which can be found in: HEALTH
NEW 3/10/18: The April, May and June 2018 Senior Advocate Schedule can be found in: SENIOR CONNECTION
NEW  3/3/18: Information on the CPR / AED classes scheduled for March 23 and also for May 18th can be found in : COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES
NEW 2/19/18: We added the category Senior Connection where you will find important telephone numbers and web sites that may help residents find benefits or assistance when needed.
New 2/3/18: We have added a new category to the web. It is Foxtales Advertisers. Now you will have a list of people who can be available to do home services or contracting. They are the same as in the Foxtales but if you don’t have a copy available you can find them on the web . Visit Foxtales Advertisers on the links above.
NEW 1/30/18: Important information on how to use, navigate and find your way on the HOA web site can be found in: SPECIAL NOTICES
 NEW 1/23/18: Information regarding joining the Line Dancing Club can be found in: FUN STUFF
NEW 5/24/17: The Foxwood Village HOA site on Facebook is up and running!! Those who said they were interested will be sent an ask to join request from the administrator Bill Fox. If you want to joint just click ass or confirm. Those who weren’t interested but may have second thoughts can go to the site and request  to be added.
The site is found at : https://www.facebook.com/Foxwood-Village-HOA-2030197247201354/
If by chance you end up at the admin page of Bill Fox ( Bill Fox is the admin name and doesn’t refer to any resident in particular)just go to the down arrow next to the ? mark on the right side top of page and click on the Foxwood Page.
Guidelines can be read in: SPECIAL NOTICES
  PLEASE TAKE NOTE: If you haven’t updated your emergency contact information for the office; you can find more information and the sheet to update in: SPECIAL NOTICES

PLEASE REMEMBER: When you rent the clubhouse: The Card Room, Exercise room and Library are not to be used by your guests at all. No Exceptions!!