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May is “Lupus Awareness ” Month

Next HOA MEETING IS May 28, 2019 at 7PM

REMINDER: The 2019 Dues are now Due: Please bring payment to the next HOA Meeting or give to the treasurer Laura Bott in House #250. Dues are still $10 per household member.
Things to Ponder
As America celebrates Memorial Day, we pay tribute to those who have given their lives in our nation’s wars.      John M. McHugh
A compromise is an agreement whereby both parties get what neither of them wanted.




NEW 5/18/19: Information on this years trip to Atlantic City can be found in: COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES / trips
NEW 5/18/19: Important Article for your well being can be found in : HEALTH
NEW 5/16/19: Pictures from the May 7th Night at the Races can be found in: EVENT PICTURES
NEW 5/15/19: Information on the Ladies Tea can be found in: COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES
NEW 5/6/19: Pictures from the Cinco De Mayo celebration can be found in: EVENT PICTURES
NEW 4/27/19: Information on the June 1st Stop Pollutants collection to be held right here in Foxwood Village can be found in: SPECIAL NOTICES
NEW 4/27/19: Minutes of the Mar.26 HOA Meeting can be found in: COMMUNITY INFORMATION / meeting minutes
NEW 4/14/19: Pictures from Foxwood’s 1st Easter Egg Hunt can be found in :EVENT PICTURES
NEW 4/14/19: 2 new posts regarding scams and how to avoid them can be found in: ALERTS/scams
NEW 4/10/19: Finally, I have the information on purchasing the same modem you rent from Optimum to save the monthly fee. This is for the people who need a modem with telephone capabilities. You can find all the information you need in: SPECIAL NOTICES
NEW 4/9/19: Cathy Hannon has added some AARP discounts for the local Theatre and the Long Island Ducks. Find them in: ACTIVITIES OUTSIDE OF FOXWOODS
NEW 4/9/19: Information on energy assistance you might be eligible for can be found in: SENIOR CONNECTIONS
NEW 4/1/19: The advertisements in the Foxtales for  April  – May 2019 have been updated in: FOXTALES PATRONS
NEW 4/1/19 The April-May Issue of the Foxtales  can be found in: FOXTALES ISSUES.
NEW  3/31/19: Information on another type of Phone scams and how you can avoid being a victim can be found in: ALERTS/scams
NEW 3/30/19: Information on the 2019 Bocce Season can be found in: COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES
NEW 3/18/19: Information on the first Annual Easter Egg hunt can be found in: COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES
NEW 3/18/19-Pictures from the St. Patrick’s Day dance can be found in: EVENT PICTURES
NEW 3/4/19: Trip Director Catherine Hannon has added 3 new trips for the upcoming months. Check them out in : COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES/ trips
NEW 2/26/19: Pictures from the Valentine Days Luncheon can be found in: EVENT PICTURES
NEW 2/18/19: Important information on a proposed food waste plant to be built Riverhead can be found in: ALERTS/should take note
NEW 7/19/18: The response letter from Peter Mastropaolo to the HOA can be found in: SPECIAL NOTICES
NEW 7/9/18: The letter from the Homeowners to Peter has been published in: SPECIAL NOTICES
NEW 7/1/18: The 2018-2019 Senior Resource Gide with extensive information for Seniors is now available. Information regarding it can be found in: SENIOR CONNECTION
Senior Connection where you will find important telephone numbers and web sites that may help residents find benefits or assistance when needed.
New 2/3/18: We have added a new category to the web. It is Foxtales Advertisers. Now you will have a list of people who can be available to do home services or contracting. They are the same as in the Foxtales but if you don’t have a copy available you can find them on the web . Visit Foxtales Advertisers on the links above.
NEW 5/24/17: The Foxwood Village HOA site on Facebook is up and running!! Those who said they were interested will be sent an ask to join request from the administrator Bill Fox. If you want to joint just click ass or confirm. Those who weren’t interested but may have second thoughts can go to the site and request  to be added.
The site is found at : https://www.facebook.com/Foxwood-Village-HOA-2030197247201354/
If by chance you end up at the admin page of Bill Fox ( Bill Fox is the admin name and doesn’t refer to any resident in particular)just go to the down arrow next to the ? mark on the right side top of page and click on the Foxwood Page.
Guidelines can be read in: SPECIAL NOTICES
  PLEASE TAKE NOTE: If you haven’t updated your emergency contact information for the office; you can find more information and the sheet to update in: SPECIAL NOTICES

PLEASE REMEMBER: When you rent the clubhouse: The Card Room, Exercise room and Library are not to be used by your guests at all. No Exceptions!!