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August is National Immunization Awareness Month

Next HOA MEETING IS Sept.25,2018 at 7PM

REMINDER: The 2018 Dues are now Due: Please contact Joe Graham in House #215 or bring payment to the next HOA Meeting. Dues are still $10 per household member.
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Things to Ponder
Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it.             Russell Baker
They’ll never never never take the summer away from me                        Author Unknown



NEW 8/21/18: Pictures from the Ice Cream Social are updated and can be found in: EVENT PICTURES
NEW 8/18/18: Good news for your Health can be found in: HEALTH
NEW 8/16/18: Information on the passing of Marion DiGregorio can be found in : ALERTS/passings
NEW 8/2/18: Information on the Annual Labor Day Party can be found in: COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES
New 8/1/18: There is 1 new advertisers in the Foxtales. It can be seen as the last 1 on the list in: FOXTALES ADVERTISERS
NEW 8/1/18: The August – September issue of the Foxtales can be found in: FOXTALES ISSUES.
New 8/1/18: There is a new Day Trip for 12/6/18 which can be found in: COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES / trips
NEW 7/29/18: New information for your well being can be found in: HEALTH
NEW 7/19/18: The response letter from Peter Mastropaolo to the HOA can be found in: SPECIAL NOTICES
NEW 7/12/18: For the many of Residents who use Quest Diagnostics- Please note they have MOVED from Commerce Drive to 889 Harrison Ave, Riverhead in the AMPCO Building directly across from Walgreens. 
NEW 7/9/18: Please Park all cars being stored or left at the Clubhouse overnight in the center aisle and down at the far end. The front spaces on left and right of clubhouse and the closer center aisle spaces are for Residents to use daily for activities. This applies all year. It also applies to trips and to your guests.
NEW 7/9/18: The letter from the Homeowners to Peter has been published in: SPECIAL NOTICES
NEW 7/6/18: Information on the Riverhead Friday Night Concert Series can be found in: ACTIVITIES OUTSIDE THE COMMUNITY
NEW 7/2/18: “It’s sum sum summertime, sum sum summertime” and never too early for a friendly reminder: POOL ETIQUETTE! Please remember to close your umbrella when you leave for the day, put your chairs back and let’s keep the bathroom doors closed. It helps keep them clean and bug free.
NEW 7/1/18: The 2018-2019 Senior Resource Gide with extensive information for Seniors is now available. Information regarding it can be found in: SENIOR CONNECTION
NEW 7/1/18: Since  so many in our community have show an interest in cutting their Cable Bill, I am publishing the July Article from Consumer Reports on ways to succeed. However in reading the article please pay particular attention when the recommend that you check with Cablevision about the costs of service you are keeping as they may increase when you loose the triple play. See the article in: SPECIAL NOTICES
6/27/18: Information on :What is the fundamental Difference between a HOA/Condo and a Land Lease Community can be found in: ALERTS/should take note
NEW 6/12/18: Artie VanRiper will be running his annual Trip to Atlantic City. Information can be found in: COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES/ trips
NEW 6/6/18: There is Important Information on the problem of ticks which can be found in: HEALTH
NEW 6/3/18: Information on the October trip to Canada can be found in: COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES/trips
NEW 4/3/18: The Recreation Committee has announced that The Christmas Dinner Dance is booked for Tuesday, December 11, 2018 at Giorgio’s.  More information will be available later.
NEW 2/19/18: We added the category Senior Connection where you will find important telephone numbers and web sites that may help residents find benefits or assistance when needed.
New 2/3/18: We have added a new category to the web. It is Foxtales Advertisers. Now you will have a list of people who can be available to do home services or contracting. They are the same as in the Foxtales but if you don’t have a copy available you can find them on the web . Visit Foxtales Advertisers on the links above.
NEW 5/24/17: The Foxwood Village HOA site on Facebook is up and running!! Those who said they were interested will be sent an ask to join request from the administrator Bill Fox. If you want to joint just click ass or confirm. Those who weren’t interested but may have second thoughts can go to the site and request  to be added.
The site is found at : https://www.facebook.com/Foxwood-Village-HOA-2030197247201354/
If by chance you end up at the admin page of Bill Fox ( Bill Fox is the admin name and doesn’t refer to any resident in particular)just go to the down arrow next to the ? mark on the right side top of page and click on the Foxwood Page.
Guidelines can be read in: SPECIAL NOTICES
  PLEASE TAKE NOTE: If you haven’t updated your emergency contact information for the office; you can find more information and the sheet to update in: SPECIAL NOTICES

PLEASE REMEMBER: When you rent the clubhouse: The Card Room, Exercise room and Library are not to be used by your guests at all. No Exceptions!!