2018 Community Trip To Pigeon Forge, TN

Monday April 30th, Pat (AKA The Mad Hatter) picked up residents at Foxwood’s






Tuesday we stopped at the AJ Bush Factory

Lunch at the Bush Cafe

Tuesday Evening at The HIT PARADE Show An attraction in Town

Wednesday Off to the Smokey’s
The site of the 2017 Fire

Next we stopped in Gatlinburg


Then off to the Hatfield McCoy Dinner Feud


Meet Bigem

Later; off to the OPRY


Thursday Morning Breakfast at the HotelThen off to the Darren Romeo Musical Magic Then off to the Pigeon Forge IslandMany had Lunch at Margaritaville

That evening The Soul of Motown Show Friday before heading home a tout of the Titanic Museum

                Photos courtesy of the Recreation Committee (Tom Rossi and Jim Hannon) and supplemented by Paul Spina

Valentines Day Party Feb. 13, 2018

This years theme  Sweets for the Sweet truly fit its name. It was like the marriage between Hershey and Betty Crocker. As long as no one scheduled there Blood Test for the next few days; everything was tasty and delicious. The New Rec Committee started out on a high note.

Super Bowl Sunday 2/4/18

The second annual Super Bowl pot luck gathering at the Clubhouse was a huge success. There was plenty of food and desserts to go around. The game was a thriller. And we more than doubled the number of people in one year.

4th Annual Cookie Exchange Held 12/18/17

The 4th Annual cookie exchange was a YUMMY Success. Thanks to all the participants who shared their scumptious treats…

Becky Beckert – Pistachio Cranberry Ice Box Cookies & Apricot Gems      Chris Schmitt Boswell-  Pecan Cinnamon Gems & Brownie cookies         Karen Boswell – Suprise Kisses                                                                                    Kate Joyce- Toll House Cookies & Maple Walnut cookies & half moon butter crescents                                                                                                                                      Cathy Hannon- Russian Tea Cookies &  Apricots Gems- ( I think there was another – the cookie monsters at the house scoffed them down before I could write up a list ) – They must have been Great.                                                Jeanne Paff- Flourless Chocolate Peanut butter                                                            & myself – Katie Hand Briceno- Peanut Butter Snowballs

Thank you Ladies for making the cookie exchange a success and something that my family and guest look forward to every year.

Happy Baking & See you around the neighborhood. Best wishes for a happy & healthy 2018.


Katie .