As they say, all good things must come to an end. I’ve had the pleasure of publishing Fox Tales since the October—November 2015 issue. While I’ve enjoyed working on each issue the time has come to pass the baton. After the August-September issue I will step down. That means we need someone else to take on the duties of editing Fox Tales.

Fox Tales is an important part our community, not only for the information it provides our residents, but also for the funds it brings into the HOA through advertising. For that reason it’s important that Fox Tales continues to be published. So, please consider contributing to the well
being of Foxwood Village by taking on the duties of Editor. I will be available to help whoever becomes the next editor so that a smooth transition can occur.

If anyone thinks they may want to take this on please contact me (unit 74) and I will gladly explain what’s involved.
Bill Austin, Editor

How to understand and Navigate the Web Site

As we have had many new residents join our web alert system; I thought it might be a good thing to explain what all the links mean on the web and how they can benefit you.

In addition, I want everyone to be aware of some categories of interest.

  • we have a golden anniversary tab where anyone married 50 years or more can have their name and date published. It can be found under FUN Stuff
  • we have a pet link where people can see who your special family member is. It is under Community Pets
  • Under Alerts we publish things like senior scams; people who have passed away, any update senior connections
  • Community Activities has any recreation event and in the sub category you can find any trips planned
  • Activities outside Foxwood you may find any important or fun event being held in the surrounding communities.
  • WE have a “For Sale by resident” category where you can list items you would like to sell or offer up in the community
  • Community Information is where you’ll find the past meeting minutes as well as the rules and by-laws. Forms needed in the community will be posted there and the Village Maintenance schedule
  • Get tips for your health under HEALTH
  • Important Links will take you to the Riverhead Recreation Department, Riverhead paper, Calverton Civic association,Prime time travel, the Suffolk Theatre and more.

MOST important if you can think of something you would like to see on the web, send an email to the webmaster. WE are open to new ideas. If not for some people speaking up, we wouldn’t have our facebook page or for sale by resident.

For more information, click the link below.

How to Navigate the HOA web site



Guidelines for Facebook

  1. Please try to use the site for entertainment.
  2. Avoid anything that might be controversial; especially if you know that you are not  a person who can handle other people’s opinion.
  3. RESPECT: each of us should be respectful of our neighbors feelings. Post nothing offensive or rude.
  4. Profanity will not be tolerated
  5. Anything deemed unfit by Facebook or the admin will be removed. You could end up being blocked
  6. Post your pictures/ post activities or events that may be of interest to other residents/ post fun pictures of video’s.

Updated 5/26/17:

To make it easy to get to the facebook page of Foxwwood and not Bill Fox’s Home page; I offer this suggestion. Go to

Then Under the picture Foxwood header picture Click on Following ( you might want to check off under notifications in the drop down menu  ON for all notification.)

Then on your home page you will see on left side the word pages. Click on it and any page you like and are following are there. Then you can just click on our picture and away you go.

Facebook as a social media is to be fun and hope everyone enjoys it.


Please remember to update your emergency contact information.  In the event of an emergency where a resident is incapacitated; police or emergency personnel attempt to find contact information from the office.  If your information is not up to date this could result in a significant delay that may impact the proper treatment you may need.

Emergency contact forms are available in the office and online here on the web .  Please take a few moments to provide this information for your own protection. If you choose to print the form to complete and bring to the office,Click on link below. It will take you to next page. Click again and print. Then fill it out and return to office.

Foxwood Village emergency contact Sheet_00001