Want To Remember Something Important?

Read it out loud.

That was the conclusion of researchers who asked 95 people to use 4 different strategies to remember materials;  Reading silently ,listening to someone else read it,  listening to a recording of their own voice reading it or reading it aloud..Why reading it aloud WORKS   The physical act of voicing the words and then hearing them spoken aloud makes the material more distinctive    therefore more memorable..

TOM ROSSI  RPH (consulting pharmacist)

Obesity and Heart Disease

Obesity quadruples risk of atrial fibrillation in men and doubles risk in women.
Older people who eat lots of produce,nuts,and fish have less brain shrinkage.

         Tom Rossi (consulting Pharmacist)RPH


The scientific evidence of vinegar’s blood sugar benefits is strong and consistent.Consuming vinegar with a meal reduced post meal blood sugar spikes by an average of 40%.Its the acetic acid that blocks absorption of carbohydrates and helps clear blood sugar from the blood stream. The best effect on blood sugar is near the start of a meal. Try Red wine vinegar it delivers acetic acid and cell protecting polyphenols. Two(2) tablespoonfuls is a good dose, No more no less.Add to water or make a salad dressing.

TOM ROSSI (consulting Pharmacist)

The Workout work -around

Do you find it difficult to keep up with the standard exercise recommendation of 150 minutes per week?

Recent study ::    When the activity levels of 6000 women ages 63 to 99 were tracked for 7 daysj,,just 30 minutes of light housework per day(such as sweeping or doing laundry) was linked to a 12% lower risk for death over the next 3 years.Those who added another half-hour of daily exercise slashed their risk by 39%. TAKEAWAY AS you age .dont get hung up on ”working out’ – Just keep moving!

TOM  ROSSI RPH (consulting Pharmacist)

Third Hand Smoke Danger

Cigarette smoke leaves a chemical residue on clothing,hair,and other surfaces.Animal studies show that harmful effects occur within  a month of exposure…..and damage to liver and brain worsens over time.

  Tom Rossi RPH (Consulting Pharmacist)

Black Licorice

Black licorice contains glycyrrhiin .which can cause potassium levels in the body to fall,potentially leading to abnormal heart  rhythms.For people age 40 and above two ounces a day for more then two weeks may trigger arrhythmia-irregular heartbeat–other cardiovascular effects.A regular black licorice habit also may interact with some medicines,herbs. and dietary supplements.Occasional enjoyment is fine.

Tom Rossi RPH (consulting pharmacist)

Good News for Chocolate Lovers

In a new study 0f 55000 people,those who ate 2-6 one-ounce sevings of chocolate per week had a 20% lower risk of atrial fibrillation(AFIb)an irregular heartbeat thar raises risk of stroke,heart attack and dementia,than those who indulged only once a month.WHY:Favonnoids in cocoa may improve vessel function.-that’s good for you,so the higher the cocoa content the better.