What is the fundamental Difference between an HOA/Condo and a Land Lease Community

In light of recent discussions, there seem to be many confused about what a HOA/Condo is and what is our community ( A Land Lease).

I did some research and am publishing this document to hopefully show the pros and cons of both.

Bear in mind in an  HOA/Condo the monthly fee they pay is called dues or fees. They govern themselves through an elected board and are responsible for any all cost incurred in the community.

In a Land Lease (us) we pay rent on the land to the property owner (Foxwood Village often referred to as Peter). He is responsible to maintain the community and can use the rent as he sees fit. Most important is that in maintain; NYS law says to provide a safe and healthy living area. The law doesn’t mandate any amenities. If interested read the attached document.Click on link to open in new page.     New York State Real Property Law Section 233

Please note in the HOA all five cons are serious and we do not have to deal with them.

In the land lease (us) the pros are all favorable especially as we can buy a house at an affordable price. The cons really do not apply to long island as we already know we can resell with little problem and for most a profit.

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6.27.18_Comparison of HOA_Condo to Land Lease



Don’t Be Fooled by Scammers.

The most common is a scammer who posses as a tech from Microsoft. They’ll tell you that they have found that someone was using or attacking your email. They’ll ask you to type a command (Maybe the window key and letter R which is the shortcut to command prompt) they may say type in netstat which just shows internet activity and may look weird but it isn’t. They’ll pray on your lack of computer knowledge and next they will ask you type in a help code which will give them access to your computer.

Now they will either take control of your computer or lock your computer. Either way this is not good and probably going to be costly.


If you get a call like this:

  1. Immediately ask for a call back number and hang up
  2. check with someone to see if calling them back is a good option
  3. if you call back; either it will be a bogus number or not take you to microsoft corporation switchboard

BEST SUGGESTION: JUST HANG UP!!!!! DO not engage in a conversation. If your having no problems then you saved your computer. If you are havin problems; get your computer to a repair person.




Dear Civic Members & Neighbors,

I’m sure you’ve been following the news on our Town’s possible sale of over 1600 acres of the remaining open land at EPCAL.

The maneuvers leading up to and the questions/responses during the recently conducted Qualifications & Eligibility hearings have clearly demonstrated that the company that wants to buy this last remaining treasure:

  1. a) has created a constantly shifting corporate shield (Calverton Aviation and Technology) that has little in common with the original corporation the Town bargained with (Luminati Aerospace);
  2. b) has no concrete and enforceable plans for developing the site;
  3. c) will do everything in their power to pay no taxes to the Town.


The time is fast-approaching for a Town decision on allowing CAT to purchase this treasure for a very low price without any concrete plans to help the economy of our Town.  Please take the time to call and/or write to our Town Board members.   You can contact them by phone or email as follows:


Supervisor Laura Jens-Smith

(631) 727-3200 Ext. 251,  email:  supervisor@townofriverheadny.gov

Tim Hubbard

631-727-3200 Ext. 223, email:  hubbard@townofriverheadny.gov

Jodi Giglio

631-727-3200 Ext. 225, email: giglio@townofriverheadny.gov

James Wooten

631-727-3200 Ext. 226,  email: wooten@townofriverheadny.gov

Catherine Kent

631-727-3200 Ext. 224, email: kent@townofriverheadny.gov

Tell your elected representatives that you do not want them to vote yes in favor of selling the EPCAL land to CAT because CAT has not produced a credible plan for development for which we can determine their qualifications or eligibility and they are not even the same company that the Town agreed to consider for this purchase.  They claim to be a boon to our economy but blatantly claim they will apply for all available tax abatement.

If you are concerned about this poor and far-reaching sale of our last remaining piece of open land, you must be aware that you must make your voices heard.

In addition to calls and email, you must attend the Town Board meeting of April 17th at 7pm.

Your presence alone will demonstrate to our elected officials that we are extremely concerned about this bad deal.  The votes can be visually counted and that is more important than anything we can do.

And if you feel comfortable speaking during the public comment period (at the end of the meeting), so much the better.

We hope to see you there!


Calverton Civic

Alert: July 2018 The Land Lease Fee will increase

For your information:

As of July 1, 2018, the cost of the land lease will rise by $9.00

Just some trivia:

  • As of January 2018 we have 221 active homes.
  • 221 x $9 = $1989.00
  • $1989 x 12 months = $23,868.00 increase to management

Each year these increases why they seem minimal ; for many it cuts into there fixed income. However you must understand that Management also has to cover increases in their expenses like taxes and product cost.

As residents it is important that each and everyone of us makes sure and is satisfied that we are getting the services  and maintenance we deserve and require both in your home and in the community. If not, you must make it known.


Technology Updates

Information for Iphone and Ipad users by Apple

Apple has been issuing several updates recently. It is never required that you do these updates however in many cases the Iphone or Ipad may not work properly or begin to slow down. You may find that your unit is not working properly. These updates will become available but do not install unless you approve. Here are some things to know in order to update.

  • When there is an update available you should see the #1 on the settings icon. This lets you know to check for updates.
  • In settings scroll down to you find General and click on it.
  • Inside General you will see software update.Click on it and follow the update steps.


  • Updates need the phone or pad to have better than 50% battery life.
  • You must have at least enough space to do the updates so it may become necessary to remove apps you are no longer using. *** Remember Games, music, videos and pictures take up a lot of space.

You might want to consider using a back-up site to store music, videos and pictures to keep adequate space in the phone.


Updating your PC if you’re using Microsoft Windows.

Microsoft is constantly updating windows

  • I hope most people are using windows 10 but if you are not it should be 8.1 Microsoft is phasing out updates for older products. There are NO updates for Vista, XP, 7 or 8. That means why they still work they are not supported and will not always work well or at all with other programs or applications.
  • Windows 8.1 and 10 have an automatic update feature and should do it automatically. Sometimes when you go to sign out you might see “update and shut off” or update and restart”. One should be picked.
  • Periodically you might want to make sure that the updates have been done. Go to Control Panel or Settings on computer. Look for update and security. Click on it and it should say UPDATES. Under it you should see your up to date; last checked and date. If you don’t see this then click on check for updates.

We live in a Musical Community

Our traffic situation has become troublesome. We have a 15mph speed limit yet many of our residents and guests drive much faster than the speed limit. We have many walkers and at times children who ride bicycles in the street. Nothing can be so important to get to, to risk hurting a neighbor or neighbors grand child. Don’t rush; plan your schedule and leave enough time. So!!

“Slow down, you move to fast…” make sure you see the walkers and children playing

In our community we have many” long and winding roads..” so you may not see a driver or walker coming out of the fork and they may not see you.

So if your not sure about an intersection; “stop in the…” belief that it is better to be safe than sorry.

It is not a race so every car, truck, scooter, golf cart, biker etc needs to remember no matter who has the right away, a vehicle is stronger than a pedestrian, a truck more than a car; etc. Don’t be the one who is known as“here I come again…catch me if you can…” Were all a little bit too old for these games.

A corny but true statement: “the life you save may be your own!”

Buying a Cable Modem to replace the Optimum Modem

Recently Optimum began charging a monthly rental fee for the Modem. The cost is &4.99 per month. I have been receiving a great many inquiries regarding can you buy your own Cable modem and then return the Optimum Modem.

The Quick answer is yes. but beware of the many options and cost,

  • You can get a very good modem that will work for under $100 however these modems will not contain VOIP. (voice over internet protocol)
  • What does that mean??? Simply if the modem doesn’t have VOIP you will no longer have phone access. You would loose the tripple play on the optimum plan and thus need to use a cell phone as your primary phone.

A good modem with VOIP will cost more than a $100 more in the rage of $175-$200 unless your an online shopper which can find some deals. Example: NEWEGG ( online retailer) has an Aris very similar to optimum for $140

In summery keep in mind the following:

  • If you want to keep a house phone then make sure any modem you buy has VOIP
  • Keep in mind cost vs your outlay vs warranty ( example a $200 modem vs $60 a year which takes 4 1/2 years to break even. If the unit you buy has problems over the 4 1/2 years you will not have any internet and phone while unit is repaired or replace only if you take out a service contract (an additional expense.

To Optimums credit, they thought this out.

There is no right or wrong here but inconvenience and not much savings may not make it a wise choice.

Question: why do they charge for the modem and not the router?

Answer: Because you can get a better router for way under $100


New Security Added to Google

If you use a pc or any computer, tablet, smartphone that uses the GOOGLE APP (which I highly recommend) there is a new feature you may be unaware of.

Websites that require users to use passwords for access or transact money using credit or debit cards for buying or selling are supposed to have an SSL certificate. This certificate promises that their site is safe to use. 

How do you know if one of these types of sites are secure? You look on the search bar that you typed to find the site you are looking for. In the left side before the site name or HTTP:/ or www. there should be a padlock indicating secure. If it is a “i with a circle around it it is not secure”

see below:

You will also note that sites like ours is also not marked secure. SSL Certificates cost as they are Licenses and must be renewed. Since we have no secure information be transferred or money being collected; we do not need a SSL Certificate. There are many such sites like this. Sites that need them but don’t have one; you can still look for ideas to buy from but be careful before entering any secure data.

Examples of sites that have sensitive data and should be secure: Any Doctor, Hospital, pharmacy, online retail, charity,Insurance, Bank, schools, Churches,credit cards,investments,social security, IRS,all tax prep companies, cell phone co., cable co. and the list can go on.

Site plan for additional stores at the Brixmor/Costco site

Bob Hall and Barbara Ross have been active in keeping the best interest of our community protected by staying up to date on changes along Route 58. Brixmor has petitioned the Town to add 5 additional stores to the property where Costco is. These are the site plans They are seeking approval for. In Picture 1&3, Foxwood would be to the left, Rte 58 to the right. Costco is located at the Bottom of the picture and Millbrook at the top.

For further information, a town planning board meeting is on 10/6/16 at 7 PM in the Town Hall

Picture 1img_4451

Picture 2


Picture 3img_4454